...It really is more than just a logo. A successfully branded company promotes itself as a lifestyle choice. Their clients or customers identify and aspire to the ethos and/or the services and products on offer.


Branding yourself can be one of the most challenging problems facing both start-up companies and established firms alike. Above all a good designer will listen to your needs and then continue to work with you to develop a visual identity that is clear, concise and consistent across all internal and external communications.



Well considered and timely publications will create a positive relationship between you and your clients.


Strategic marketing campaigns will help you reach a wider audience in a proactive way, meaning that you are less likely to have to send out reactive communications that could be interpreted as spam.


Shifting the emphasis of marketing from 'What I want my client to buy' to 'How can I best help the client' will help to make them want to engage with you. Premium, tactile communications that look and feel special,
will make your client feel valued and they'll
be more likely to keep them. This gives you valuable longevity in our throwaway culture.






Your external communications and advertising should always be sympathetic to your brand, and follow your brand guidelines. Professional designers can be creative with your corporate assets whilst still maintaining the integrity of your brand.


However for events and products it is often necessary to create a sub-brand or a visual identity that will reach out to a different audience without compromising the values
of your current brand.


When so much of today's communication is digital, your website will often be the first point of direct contact between you and new clients or customers.


A professionally designed website will take into account your tone of voice, style of photography/illustration and corporate colours but most importantly how your users are going to interact with the site.





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